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Good so you need to contact me, great It means some $$$ for me right. Seriously I would love to help everyone for free but I don't have that much time left out of the day, so before you contact me If you don't want to spend money I will suggest you to go to the forum first and post your problem there, maybe someone else has already figure it out the problem you are having.

If you just want to get it working fast and you don't care about the $$$ then as I said on the Support section:

"I can install any of my scripts on your server for donation of $50 USD, do you think is too much? Then for a donation of $25 USD, but if you want to donate $50 or more then fine! "

Even though I will be installing the script on your server I will not be held responsible if you do not implement proper security on the scripts yourself after I install it as the scripts are free for download and the main purpose is to use it as an starting point for you designs or programs so as my slogan saids "You use my scripts under your own risk! " still on even if I do the installation. Good?

So if you agree and understand the terms in which I will install my scripts for you then, Use the following link to make a donation, then drop me an email with the server information where you want to install the script. Thanks!

Here's my contact form, make sure you spell your email correctly, I you feel more comfortable, I call also call you but first drop me an email and include your phone too:



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