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About My Site

2005-06-08 - I Wrote:
Hello, and welcome to I finally decided to open this web after years of designing and programming, not really, wrong! designing and scripting sounds better. For what to share my scripts with others obiously!

Why the name, well because all my scripts are Beta to me, very simple. I haven't added much customization to it and the code is very basic so if you want to use them it will be simple for you to customize it to your design look and not waist time removing graphisc, header, footers or unesesary stuff that will just delay your design work.

Use my code as a starting point for you ASP scripts. Feel free to add any additional functionality that you need.

Use this scripts under your own risk as I have not done any "beta testing for security what so ever as they are very simple scripts.

If you use them for personal use I just ask to give me credits, if you use them for commercial use please help me with a donation. Thank You

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