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Yes I know, there's only one script right now! Well, I haven't uploaded them all yet. I'm still working on making them easy to use!

Hello, and welcome to I finally decided to open this website after years of designing and programming webs to share my scripts with others.
Why the name


Simple Script to create a multipage gallery with jpg pop ups. The scripts will generate all the pages and pop ups for you. Simply point to the directory where your images are store on your website and that's it. You will have to create the thumbnails and big images (pop up) and number them, then uploaded to you web via ftp. Is very easy to incorporate to your design. This script uses the File Object to check how many images are on the directory as well as to put a caption on the images which is read from a txt file. No database needed.
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This is an implementation done to BSEasyGallery so show before and after images. THe script will show a multipage gallery with two colums, the befores in one side and after on the other side. The popups will show the before and afters swapping both images. This makes itvery easy to compare images.
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